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Medical Mission to GUARUMA (Honduras)

Since 2013, Dr. Ecke has participated in medical missions to the Congrejal River Region near La Ceiba, Honduras. For several days each year, a medical team of general practitioners, gynecologists, ophthamologists,otolaryngologists, registered nurses and pharmacists sees patients in the villages of Las Mangas and El Pital.

The team provides routine treatment of various illnesses for patients of all ages. Conditions that require surgical intervention (cataracts and ENT disease, for example) are treated in one of the hospitals or surgical centers in Las Ceiba.

Costs for medications and surgeries are funded by the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Sunrise, the club’s fund-raising activities, and private donors.

Dr. Ecke also supports two medical graduates from the Tegucigalpa Medical School who recently opened a family-medicine practice in Las Mangas.

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