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Vocal Cord Nodules Causes & Symptoms

What are vocal cord nodules?

Vocal cord nodules are swellings that appear on the vocal folds. Usually, these appear on both sides of the vocal cords due to overuse of the voice, and generally will go away when the overuse stops.

What causes vocal cord nodules?

While the exact cause of vocal cord nodules is not known, it is generally thought to arise from a heavy or improper use of the voice, including speaking at an improper pitch, excessive speaking and screaming or yelling.

What are the symptoms of vocal cord nodules?

Signs of vocal cord nodules that may warrant a visit to ENT in Cayman Ltd., include the following: hoarseness, difficulty beginning speech, vocal fatigue, voice that fades in and out, low pitch and difficulty singing or speaking without

How are vocal cord nodules diagnosed?

For an accurate diagnosis of vocal cord nodules, it is important to see an ear, nose and throat specialist with ENT in Cayman Ltd. to do a complete evaluation of your condition. Your doctor will usually discuss your medical history and history of voice problems with you. Additionally, an ENT doctor will examine your vocal cords by using a laryngoscope that allows your doctor to visualize the voice box on a monitor. Additionally, you may be tested for other conditions that contribute to vocal cord polyps/lesions. These conditions include allergies, reflux disease, hormonal imbalance and medication side effects.

How are vocal cord nodules treated?

Vocal cord polyps and other lesions are commonly treated with topical steroid spray, voice rest, voice therapy (speech therapy) or by a surgical approach (phono-microsurgery)..

Treatment options will vary depending on the patient’s vocal needs as well as the degree of voice limitation resulted from the polyps or lesions. Furthermore, patients who undergo voice rest or voice therapy without seeing results may need to undergo surgery in order to improve the condition. If you are suffering from vocal cord polyps or other lesions, the first step towards feeling better is to schedule an evaluation with an experienced ear, nose and throat doctor.

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