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Conductive Hearing Loss Causes & Symptoms

What causes conductive hearing loss?

Conductive hearing loss can result from any of the following conditions:

ear infection, ear wax, perforated eardrum, fluid build-up in middle ear, ear deformity and otosclerosis (hereditary disorder causing progressive deafness).

How is conductive hearing loss diagnosed?

If you notice a hearing impairment, ear pain or discharge from the external ear canal, it is important to consult an ear, nose and throat specialist with ENT in Cayman Ltd.  to accurately diagnose your condition. Our audiologist can conduct hearing tests during an office visit. Once conductive hearing loss is determined, your doctor will advise about appropriate treatment options.

How is conductive hearing loss treated?

Depending on the cause and severity of the condition, conductive hearing loss can be treated with one of the following methods: ear wax removal, ear infection treatment, hearing aid or a surgical procedure.

Other hearing loss treatments may be recommended by ENT in Cayman Ltd., depending on the cause for hearing loss.

If you are suffering from conductive hearing loss, the first step towards improving your hearing is to schedule an evaluation with an experienced ear, nose and throat doctor.

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