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Acute Sinusitis Causes & Symptoms

What is acute sinusitis?

Acute rhinosinusitis—also known as a sinus infection—is a condition that causes the nasal cavities to inflame and swell. This creates draining issues in the sinuses, which leads to buildup and possibly complete obstruction of the nasal passageway. Usually, an acute sinus infection is resolved within around 10 days or less. When the condition worsens or lasts longer, it may indicate chronic sinusitis.

What causes acute sinusitis?

Acute sinusitis is most often caused by bacterial upper respiratory infections and viruses such as the common cold. Sometimes it is triggered by other conditions, such as allergy, nasal passage deformity (deviated septum) or a broken nose.

What are acute sinusitis symptoms?

Symptoms of acute sinusitis often include nasal obstruction (stuffy nose), postnasal drainage, yellowish-greenish discharge, difficulty breathing, pain or tenderness around eyes, and cheeks, pressure when bending over, ear pain or pressure, muffled hearing, coughing (especially at night), difficulty smelling, fatigue, fever and headaches.

What are the risk factors for acute sinusitis?

Patients working in schools, day care facilities, hospitality industry or hospitals may have a higher risk of suffering from acute sinusitis than the general population. In general, poor health status, allergies, immune system disorders and abnormality of nasal anatomy may contribute to a higher risk of getting recurrent episodes of acute sinusitis.

How is acute sinusitis diagnosed?

Acute sinusitis can be diagnosed by medical professionals at ENT in Cayman Ltd. by evaluating your symptoms and a medical history. Your doctor will likely look inside your nose using an endoscope, to determine sinusitis as the cause of your symptoms. Further methods that may be used to diagnose acute sinusitis include allergy testing, imaging (A-scan ultrasound, x-ray) and a nasal swab for testing of sinus bacterial cultures.

How is acute sinusitis treated?

Common treatment options that may be recommended by ENT in Cayman Ltd. specialists may include:

  • oral and topical decongestants (helps to open up the nasal cavity),
  • nasal saline rinses ( helps to clean out the nasal cavity and paranasal sinus
  • topical corticosteroid spray (helps to reduce nasal inflammation),
  • oral corticosteroids (helps to reduce size of nasal polyps),
  • pain relievers (relieves tension and pressure pain associated with acute

If you are suffering from acute sinusitis, the first step towards feeling better is to schedule an evaluation with an experienced ear, nose and throat doctor.

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