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More patients than ever before are suffering from allergic reactions. Many factors can contribute to their discomfort. For example, increased air pollution, living and working in air-conditioned
environments, consuming processed food, dust mites, mould, animal hair and dander, dairy products, eggs, seafood, nuts and even careless use of medications.

The underlying problem is not these substances or situations. It is the patient’s immune system, which overreacts to allergens and encourages the body’s defence systems to generate inflammation and swelling, primarily in the nasal cavity, sinuses, throat, and lungs. This overreaction can cause serious damage to soft tissues, which leads to chronic nasal polyposis and sinusitis, and, in later stages, to asthmatic conditions.

At ENT in Cayman Ltd. the first essential step in allergy treatment is to identify what triggers the allergic overreaction. Once the allergen is identified, the treatment goal is to reduce exposure to it and/or reduce the symptoms with oral medication or subcutanenous injections.

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